"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I'm saying" (Oscar Wilde)

"I am one of the people 
who love the why of things" 
(Catherine the Great)

Eva 20+x | Berlin | B.o.A. Japanisch | Design-Studentin | Illustratorin

I'm a clumsy, but creative, realistic and pessimistic human being.
I love to be creative in my daily life...well better...I'm trying to be. 

I love my cat, drawing, coffee, hanging out with friends, make up,
 interior design e.g. simple and cute furniture and everything stylish.
I love animals so one of my useless talents is I can name nearly each of them 
and can tell you some stupid facts about their food and habits. 
have nearly no talents in cooking and every plant just dies in my presence.